What Are Roller Shades?

​Sometimes traditional blinds can be problematic in that their slats are bendable. If you have children who like to touch everything th Roller Shades | Chicago ey can get their hands on, these slats can lose their shape relatively quickly. Fortunately, roller shades eliminate this problem and allow you to enjoy your motorized window treatments for years to come.

Unlike blinds, roller shades are made up of thin bars and a piece of fabric. An open shade stays at the top of the window and rolls down as you close it. Roller shades come in thousands of styles and colors, so you should not have a problem finding the perfect kind for your living space or office. Sheer fabrics are convenient if your window provides a look at a nice view because they do not block all of the light out. Translucent fabrics offer a similar effect, and you can customize the amount of light they let in. Blackout fabrics are ideal for rooms where you might watch television or sleep, like your living room or bedroom, because of their ability to completely prevent light from filtering into the room. And for the ultimate in style and convenience, choose automated roller shades in Chicago or your home or office. Motorized window shades give you unprecedented control over your interior lighting with the single touch of a button.

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