Give Your Office Building a Facelift with Motorized Shades

Just as homes go through regular décor changes, so should office buildings. With motorized and automated window treatments, you can give your office building a much-needed facelift. Commercial shades in Chicago can update your office décor and provide greater privacy for employees. Let’s take a look at how automated and motorized window shades can give your office the update it needs. office -  blinds

Update Your Technology

A sure way to give your office building a facelift is by updating your technology. In addition to using faster computers and updated software, it is wise to install automated and motorized window treatments for all of your windows. Window shades are the most common commercial window treatment because they are sleek and unimposing. By installing automated and motorized window shades, your company will have the latest window treatment technology. With greater control over your window treatments, you can lower your office’s energy bills and control the amount of sunlight that enters the building.

Improve Your Décor

Motorized and automated window treatments can come in a variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and designs to match any décor in your office building. Whether your office building houses different companies or one distinct décor scheme, window shades can accommodate a vast number of variables. You can choose window shades that are neutral in color and appearance; these can also come in sheer fabrics that will block sunlight and allow easy viewing outside. Window shades can also come in colors or designs to match a specific design scheme throughout your office building.

Enhance Your Privacy

Window shades can be installed on exterior and interior windows throughout your office building. Windows facing the exterior will utilize shades to block sunlight, but interior windows can enhance your employees’ privacy. Many companies work with sensitive information, such as client records and patented technology. It is necessary to keep this information, and discussions about it, private throughout the working day. Automated and motorized window treatments can easily be installed on interior windows to ensure that employees have the privacy needed to securely discuss sensitive information.

Our Commitment to Your Complete Satisfaction

By choosing Architectural Window Treatments to install your automated and motorized shades in Chicago, you will receive more than just a motorized shades installer. We deliver the whole package to our customers, because our customers are so good to us in return. Here is a quick look at Architectural Window Treatments’ commitment to deliver superb service and trustworthy motorized and automated window treatments to you, our customer.

Architectural Window Treatments can handle any window treatment installation, whether it is for one bedroom or an entire building filled with offices. With Architectural Window Treatments on the job, the entire process is conducted with your satisfaction in mind. Choosing the right motorized and automated window treatment, wiring your space, installing, and continued servicing is handled by the knowledgeable and helpful staff of Architectural Window Treatments. Work with the dedicated staff of Architectural Window Treatments to receive the complete installation package and complete satisfaction with your new motorized and automated window treatments.

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The Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Motorized Shades

Automatic shades near Chicago may be the perfect addition to your store or office because they are easily programmable to respond to your employees’ habits and the movement of the sun. If you have been toying with the idea of installing motorized and automated window treatments at your commercial building , then read more for some answers to your questions. automated - window - treatments

Can they improve employee productivity?

Motorized and automated window treatments can improve your employees’ productivity in several ways. With automated and motorized shades, you will have much more light control, which can improve your employees’ moods and professional performances. These window shades can be programmed to raise or lower as the sun moves around your building. They can also come with ultraviolet light blocking technology that will filter in endorphin-raising, natural light without annoying glares across computer screens.

Can they reduce year-round energy costs?

In addition to increasing your employee production, you will experience lower energy costs after installing motorized and automated window shades. Certain window shades, like the innovative honeycomb shade design, add insulation to your windows and lower your heating and cooling bills. These shades are comprised of hundreds of interlocking compartments, which trap air against entering or leaving your commercial building. Your heating and cooling appliances will work less, which will equal lower energy costs and fewer repair or replacement costs throughout the year. Many window treatments will also block the sun’s harmful rays from entering a room, which will reduce the amount of fading on your flooring and business equipment.

Can they be programmed in different ways?

Automated and motorized commercial blinds can be programmed to raise and lower a few different ways. You may choose to set a specific time of day that the shades will raise or lower, such as when your store or office opens and closes. You may prefer to set it according to the sun’s movements, so the shades will block or allow in the sun as you choose. Speak with your automated and motorized shades installer about the many features your office can enjoy.

Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter with Automated Window Treatments

Winter weather is already here in many cities around the country, and that means it is time to conserve the heat in your home. Installing motorized and automated window treatments may be the right step to improve your home’s warmth control this winter. With new and insulated window treatments in Chicago, you can take heat from the sun as it passes over your home and trap it for preserved warmth later. Let’s look at how you can keep your home warmer this coming winter. automated - window - treatment

Install the Right Window Treatments

Some window treatments are up to the task of keeping warmth in your house and making sure the cold stays out; other treatments may only be good for blocking light and incoming heat. To keep your home warmer this winter, look for insulated window treatments that will capture the heat and insulate your house with it. Honeycomb shades are great window treatments that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You may also install reversible shades that have a light color on one side and a dark color on the other side; these colors will reflect or absorb the heat of the sun when you reverse them as the seasons dictate.

Program the System by the Sun’s Movements

By installing motorized and automated window treatments, you will have full control over your window coverings, even when you are not at home. Many automated and motorized blinds use smart technology to respond to various factors throughout the day. You can program your system to raise or lower your blinds as the sun moves around your house. This feature can allow in the sun’s heat with raised blinds and conserve it by lowering the binds once the sun has passed.

Utilize Other Home Features

In addition to using the right window treatments, consider other improvements you can make that will better insulate your home against the winter cold. You may upgrade your windows with multi-paned and insulated features. You can also add more insulation throughout your home to further buffer it against cold in the winter and heat in the summer.

The Benefits of Hunter Douglas Blinds for Your Home

With Hunter Douglas window blinds in your home, you can enjoy maximum light control while also maintaining your family’s privacy. These window blinds in Chicago are beautiful window treatments for any décor, and you will experience a multitude of benefits once your blinds company finishes installing your new Hunter Douglas blinds.

As you can see in the short video, Hunter Douglas uses exceptional materials for their window blinds, including hardwood, aluminum, vinyl, and fabrics. These blinds block the maximum amount of light from entering your rooms, thus saving your furniture and flooring from premature fading. They also block the sun’s heat, which will save you energy costs during hot summers. In addition, you have the option to install a motorized and automated system to your window blinds, which gives you easier control over light and privacy entering your home whether you are at home or not.

PowerView Motorization by Hunter Douglas

When you are shopping for automated window treatments near Chicago , you may want to check out the newest PowerView Motorization line from Hunter Douglas. In this video, you will take a peek at some of the amazing features that the PowerView motorized blinds from Hunter Douglas have to offer you. When you connect your residential blinds to your smart home system, you will be able to set your Hunter Douglas window treatments to adjust to your preferences throughout the day.

A motorized blinds installer in your local area can provide you with additional information about the smart window treatment technology that is available from Hunter Douglas. Along with being incredibly efficient and easy to use, these window blinds also make a beautiful addition to any home interior.

The Automated Roller Shade Collection from QMotion

When you are shopping for motorized blinds or shades that will provide your home with the ultimate level of convenience, you will want to check out the amazing window shades that are available from QMotion. With their exceptional beauty and simple controls, QMotion automated roller shades are a great addition to any household. A company that offers shades installation serving Chicago can provide you with a tour of all of the innovative features that the automated roller shade collection from QMotion has to offer you.

There are several key features to the QMotion line of automated window shades. With QMotion technology, you can choose whether you want your shades to be controlled by your smartphone or home automation system. QMotion also offers standalone technology that can be used to specifically control your shades themselves. When you visit a showroom that specializes in motorized window treatments, you can tour the different technological innovations and shade materials that QMotion currently has in its lineup.

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Are Roman Shades Right for You?

Roman shades can be used to make an elegant statement in any room of your house. These beautiful window treatments come in many different colors and patterns, so you will be able to pick out a style that pairs perfectly with your furnishings, wall color, and interior décor. An automatic shades company that offers shades near Chicago can provide you with a tour of all of the colors, patterns, and styles of window treatments that you could potentially use in your home. If you are on the fence about your shade installation, read on for three signs that Roman shades are the best pick for your space. roman - shades

You Are Creating a Formal Design

Roman shades are distinguished by their luxurious draping qualities and premium fabrics. If you are creating a formal room in your home, you may be drawn to the unique properties that Roman shades have to offer you. Whether Roman shades are drawn or open, they will add an unmistakable touch of elegance and flair to any interior space throughout your home.

You Enjoy Bold Design Statements

If you are not afraid to make a statement with your interior design, you are sure to love the wide assortment of colors and patterns that your Roman shades showroom has to offer you. By pairing bold Roman shades with more neutral furnishings and wall decorations, you can create an interior design scheme that is uniquely your own. A company that specializes in shade installation can answer your questions about choosing the right Roman shade design.

You Are Seeking Additional Energy Efficiency

A final advantage of Roman shades is that they can help your home’s heating and cooling system to operate more efficiency during the coldest months of the year. When you draw your Roman shades, they will create a thick layer of insulation across the surface of your window glass. If you have decided that Roman shades are the right choice for your interior design, do not wait to get in touch with a local window treatment company.

Cutting Costs at the Office? Invest in New Window Treatments

Automated window treatments are a luxurious feature that can be incorporated into any office design. When you are seeking an effective way to protect your office spaces from the sun, while also boosting the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system, you may want to consider installing new motorized blinds in Chicago . A motorized blinds installer can provide you with detailed information about which motorized window treatments will be the best fit for your office spaces. To highlight the benefits of installing motorized blinds, here is a look at how motorized window treatments can help you cut costs around the office. office - window - treatments

Block UV Rays

One of the top money saving benefits of new motorized window treatments is that your motorized blinds will help you keep the sun’s rays out of your indoor spaces. When sunlight is allowed to stream into a conference room or office space, it can damage interior finishes and raise indoor temperatures. Your motorized blinds can be set up so that they automatically block UV radiation.

Boost HVAC Efficiency

In addition to blocking sunlight, your new window treatments can help you cut costs by boosting the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. When your HVAC system is heating or cooling your office space, it will have to work even harder if heat energy is allowed to transfer through your window panes. Installing new window treatments that are constructed from insulating materials will help you cut down on your energy costs throughout the year.

Enjoy Long Lasting Durability

When you make an investment in a set of high quality motorized blinds, you can rest assured that you are making a quality investment for your facilities. By purchasing top quality window treatments now, you will save on the cost of replacing your window treatments in the future. After your motorized blinds installation is completed, you can expect your new window treatments to remain in beautiful condition for many years down the line.

How Lutron Shading Systems Can Benefit Your Home

If you are looking for new window treatments in Chicago, then look to Lutron’s automated and motorized blinds . By choosing one of Lutron’s various shading solutions, you and your home will notice many benefits. Lower energy costs, greater privacy, and longer-lasting interior furnishings are just a few ways that Lutron automated and motorized blinds will benefit your home. motorized - shades

Adjustable Shading Throughout the Day

The various Lutron automated and motorized window shades are programmable to respond to the sunlight as it moves through the day and throughout the year. During the winter, the automated and motorized blinds will open to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight to warm the house. During the summer, the blinds will automatically lower to block the sunlight, which will reduce solar heat and energy costs.

Better Privacy Features for the Home

Lutron window shades are designed in such a way that the shades restrict anyone from looking into your home. With the automated and motorized features, you will also have the option to select a pre-determined setting that notifies the system that you are away from the house. By selecting this feature, all of the house’s windows will lower and block anyone outside attempting to look in.

More Energy Savings Throughout the Year

Due to the programmable features found with Lutron window shades, you are sure to notice greater energy savings throughout the year. Since the automated and motorized blinds will lower and rise in accordance with the sun’s position, your heating and cooling costs will be better managed. This will save you on energy costs and maintenance costs for your heating and cooling units.

Reduction of Glare and Interior Fading

The beautiful Lutron window shades are also designed to diffuse light as it enters your house. This diffusion means there will be no screen glares to hinder your vision. The diffusion of light will also keep your interior furnishings, flooring, and paint from fading prematurely due to the sun’s UV rays.