Cleaning Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds process

If you have motorized window blinds covering the windows inside your home, you might assume that you need to take them down in order to clean them. However, you can clean your new motorized blinds in Chicago without having to remove them from your windows—as long as you know how to do it properly.

Over time, dirt and dust can gradually build up on automated window blinds, so you should take a few minutes to clean them off every now and then. You may want to clean your window blinds every four to six weeks, depending on how dirty they get. You can remove dust from the blinds using a feather duster. If you need to clean the blinds more thoroughly, use a soft towel to rub away dirt and dust. If you are careful to keep your new blinds clean, they will continue to look brand-new and provide you with many years of use.