• A Look at Lutron Serena Shades

    When you are shopping for automated window treatments that are convenient, beautiful, and affordable, look no further than the Serena line of shades from Lutron . When you install these high quality shades, you will be able to control your automated window treatments with the push of a button. Your company that performs your motorized […]

  • Honeycomb window treatment

    The Energy Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

    Installing honeycomb shades in your home can do wonders for your interior insulation and energy costs. With these innovative window blinds gracing your windows, you will notice a significant difference in your house’s temperature, and it will also reflect in your monthly energy bills. Here is a brief look at how your home will benefit […]

  • automated roller shades

    Where to Use Automated Roller Shades

    Before you purchase your motorized and automated window shades in Chicago , you need to determine where each window treatment will go in your home. From small windows to large, you will not go wrong when you place your motorized and automated window treatments. Hard-to-Reach Windows Motorized and automated window treatments are the perfect solution […]

  • Remote Blinds - Design & Decor

    Coordinating Your Shades with Your Décor

    Your motorized and automated window treatments play just as much of a role in your interior décor as the wall paint, art, and furniture. Your automatic shades near Chicago can communicate a lot about your personal style and make a statement as part of your décor theme. There are simple ways to choose the right […]

  • Spotlight on the MechoSystems MagnaShade

    For the business or office owner, there is a roller shade available near Chicago called MagnaShade . This automated and motorized blind will provide your space with the maximum amount of light coverage, all in one solid, 40ft-long piece of fabric. As you can see in the video, MechoSystems has introduced a revolutionary type of […]