• Installing new motorized blinds in Chicago

    Cutting Costs at the Office? Invest in New Window Treatments

    Automated window treatments are a luxurious feature that can be incorporated into any office design. When you are seeking an effective way to protect your office spaces from the sun, while also boosting the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system, you may want to consider installing new motorized blinds in Chicago . A motorized […]

  • Lutron automated and motorized blinds

    How Lutron Shading Systems Can Benefit Your Home

    If you are looking for new window treatments in Chicago, then look to Lutron’s automated and motorized blinds . By choosing one of Lutron’s various shading solutions, you and your home will notice many benefits. Lower energy costs, greater privacy, and longer-lasting interior furnishings are just a few ways that Lutron automated and motorized blinds […]

  • MechoShades

    Why Choose MechoShades?

    MechoShades are fast becoming the top provider in automated and motorized blinds for both commercial and residential properties. With MechoShade window treatments in Chicago , every homeowner or business owner will experience a multitude of benefits and be very glad they choose MechoShade window shades. As seen in the short video, MechoShades offer what many […]

  • vertical blinds or horizontal blinds

    Choosing Between Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

    When designing a home’s interior décor, many homeowners must choose between installing horizontal or vertical blinds in Chicago. There are different choices and benefits that come with both options, such as greater sun control with horizontal blinds. However, some commercial applications prefer vertical blinds for their window treatments. Let’s take a look at the best options […]