Why Choose MechoShades?


MechoShades are fast becoming the top provider in automated and motorized blinds for both commercial and residential properties. With MechoShade window treatments in Chicago , every homeowner or business owner will experience a multitude of benefits and be very glad they choose MechoShade window shades.

As seen in the short video, MechoShades offer what many other motorized and automated window treatments offer: solar protection, greater energy efficiency, and a wide range of colors, fabrics, and designs. However, MechoShades also offer what many window shades do not—a view to the outside. While still offering superior light control and solar protection for inside the building, the inhabitants can still enjoy the view outside, through the window shades. This benefit is a great boon to those who love the outdoors but wish to stay inside, or to those who wish for solar heat protection but still want a view of their backyard.

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