Blog Posts in July, 2016

AWT: Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Architectural Window Treatments is a technologically advanced company that seeks to offer homeowners and businesses greater control over their homes and buildings through motorized and automated ...
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Spotlight on Smart Grid Solutions

Window shades in Chicago should already be effective at their jobs—blocking and allowing in light where necessary, blocking heat, and creating privacy. With the help of smart grid solutions, ...
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Improved Productivity with Lutron Shades

If you have been looking to install new window treatments near Chicago, then look to Lutron’s automated and motorized blinds. These window treatments give greater light control for employees. ...
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Making a Small Room Look Bigger

When furnishing a small room, there are a few tricks you can utilize to make the room appear larger. With certain color schemes, mirrors, and window treatments near Chicago, you can easily decorate a ...
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