Signs Your Conference Room Could Benefit from New Blinds

Signs Your Conference Room Could Benefit from New Blinds

The conference room is a place to focus, and the environment can make all the difference. The layout of the room, the seating arrangement, and the technology you have at your disposal can all play a role in how productive your meetings will be. If it always feels like the lighting could be better, then maybe it’s time for new vertical blinds in Chicago. The right commercial blinds will allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that comes in through the windows. In turn, you’ll be able to control the level of heat transfer and boost your office’s energy efficiency. In addition, new motorized blinds can simply add a new and refreshing aesthetic to the room. Here’s a closer look at the signs your conference room could benefit from new blinds.

You Need an Aesthetic Change

New blinds are more than just practical—they also change your interior design. A simple changeup can make a real difference, and it can turn a stale conference room into something fresh, interesting, and inspiring.

The Lighting Is Wrong

The atmosphere of an office can have an immense impact on its productivity. Business owners and office managers often try different kinds of layouts, color schemes, and even greenery to encourage their employees to thrive. Lighting is another concept to consider, and it’s just as important in the conference room as it is out on the floor. When you’re sitting around the conference table with business partners or employees and trying to brainstorm, a little natural light can be helpful. On the other hand, you might need complete darkness so you can watch a presentation. Motorized blinds make it easy to switch back and forth between lighting options.

Energy Efficiency Is Dropping

Motorized blinds can help your conference room and office’s energy efficiency by limiting the amount of ultraviolet light that comes in through the windows. Too much sunlight heats the room up in the summer, and this puts extra strain on your air conditioner. Install new motorized blinds to block out the sunlight and keep your space cool.

Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds

Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds

You have quite a few responsibilities to tend to as a rental property manager, and one of them is making the house or apartment worth renting. An attractive living space will encourage people to apply to become tenants, while a dilapidated space will just turn people away. At the end of the day, however, the tenants aren’t the ones who own the space—the landlord will still want the space to be affordable and energy-efficient. When you’re looking for automated window treatments near Chicago, choose residential blinds that are universally appealing and easy to maintain. Continue reading to learn more tips for picking blinds for your rental space.

Look for Energy Efficiency

Depending on your lease agreement, it might be the landlord or the tenants who pay for the energy bills. Regardless of who pays for the energy, the way the energy is used will affect the longevity of the appliances. The tenants may crank the heat during the winter and blast the air conditioner during the summer, which can take its toll on the appliances that the landlord originally paid for. That’s why it’s smart to choose automated window treatments that help control the indoor environment, so tenants won’t have to overuse the HVAC appliances. Energy-efficient blinds reduce heat transfer into and out of the house, helping to protect heating and cooling appliances in the long run.

Consider the Maintenance

If the landlord is supplying the automated window treatments for the rental property, the blinds should be easy to maintain. Luxury shades that require a lot of upkeep might not make it through the end of the lease term. Simple blinds that are easy to maintain, on the other hand, should last through multiple sets of tenants.

Go for the Middle of the Road

Keep colors in mind when you choose blinds for the apartment. Lighter colors make the space look more open, but darker hues are less likely to show dirt and wear. If you’re trying to find tenants, find a middle ground and choose automated blinds in a simple, neutral color, such as beige or gray.

Blackout Shades and Other Ways to Beat Insomnia

Blackout Shades and Other Ways to Beat Insomnia

Automated window treatments are convenient and versatile, and there are countless options to choose from. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, blackout shades near Chicago might be the solution to your problem. Watch this video to learn about blackout shades and other ways to beat insomnia.

Insomnia keeps you awake at night and makes you tired during the day, which can make it difficult to concentrate and may even affect your mood. You can take a few steps to improve your quality of sleep and in turn your quality of life in general. Start by installing blackout shades, which will keep your bedroom nice and dark. This helps with melatonin secretion and sleep onset. Don’t use electronics in the hour before you want to go to sleep, and keep a pen and notepad next to your bed so you don’t stay up worrying that you’ll forget about something important.

The Eco Benefits of Window Shutters

The Eco Benefits of Window Shutters

You can save a great deal of energy and money by adopting an eco-friendly home or business design, which might include choosing an automated option when shopping for window treatments in Chicago. Vertical blinds and Roman shades might look nice, but window shutters can make your space more practical and energy-efficient in addition to being attractive additions to your interior design. Their low maintenance requirements and ability to control heat transfer will help you save money and energy. Keep reading for a more detailed look at the eco benefits of window shutters.

The more maintenance your window treatments require, the less convenient, practical, and eco-friendly they’ll be. Low-maintenance window shutters generally require fewer cleaning supplies than other window treatments, reducing the environmental impact of your home or business. Additionally, window shutters do a great job of keeping heat out during the summer and containing it during the winter, so you can save money on energy bills. Your air conditioning and heating systems won’t have to work as hard, so they won’t use as much energy.

FAQs About Plantation Shutters

FAQs About Plantation Shutters

Window blinds, shutters, and shades in Chicago all bring advantages to your space. Before you decide, ask yourself a few important questions to make sure you’ve got your eye on the right choice. Plantation shutters might be right for you, but find out the answers to these questions before locking them in. Think about where you’ll install them in your living space, how they’ll affect the energy efficiency of your home or workplace, and what they can do to let you control natural lighting. Continue reading for some FAQs about plantation shutters.

Where should I install my plantation shutters?

Much like window blinds and shades, there are many places where you can hang up your plantation shutters. Unlike other types of window treatments, however, you can paint your plantation shutters however you’d like to. This means you can easily fit them into any kind of design that you’ve already begun creating for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Whether you want your window coverings to blend in or completely contrast with the rest of the space, plantation shutters can provide what you’re looking for.

Will they help with my energy efficiency?

Window treatments serve many purposes. They make your space look better, control the atmosphere of the room, and help protect your furniture and flooring from ultraviolet rays. They also improve your energy efficiency by blocking out sunlight. Energy efficient windows will do a great job of controlling your indoor environment, but plantation shutters act as another line of defense. The combination of efficient windows and plantation shutters can change the way you use energy in your home or office. This keeps the indoor air just the way you like it, and it cuts down your energy bills at the same time.

How do they handle light control?

Every type of window blind or shutter should allow you to control the amount of light that comes in through your windows. Plantation shutters are made up of several slats that can be adjusted to your liking. This lets you control exactly how dark or light your space is throughout the day.

Deciding if Horizontal or Vertical Blinds Are Right for Your Space

Deciding If Horizontal Or Vertical Blinds Are Right For Your Space

Residential and commercial blinds come in different styles, colors, and configurations. You can choose from horizontal or vertical blinds in Chicago, as both options have their places. If you’re deciding on a type of blinds, think about where the sunlight comes from in relation to your home or office. Then think about how much maintenance you can afford to provide, and keep your interior design in mind. Read ahead for help in deciding if horizontal or vertical blinds are right for your space.

Direction of Sunlight

If you want to be practical with your horizontal and vertical blinds, think about which parts of your house get the most sunlight. Windows and doors that face the north or south won’t be bombarded with direct sunlight, so in terms of controlling the light you let in, you can go with either option. The east and west sides of your house will take in more sunlight, so vertical blinds might be the ideal choice. This is because vertical blinds close sideways, while horizontal blinds close upwards or downwards. Since the eastern and western windows and doors will be in the direct line of sunlight, vertical blinds will do a better job of keeping the light out. On the other hand, horizontal blinds are a bit better when it comes to privacy.

Maintenance Requirements

Your window blinds will only last over time if you maintain them on a regular basis. While neither type of blinds is particularly difficult to clean, you might have an easier time with vertical blinds. That’s because you can dust or sweep each of your vertical blinds in one motion. When cleaning horizontal blinds, you need to watch out for strings and cords that could get in the way.

Space Design

Don’t forget to think about what the rest of your interior design looks like when choosing between horizontal and vertical blinds. Both options are available in different colors, styles, and textures, but the orientation of the slats plays a role in your overall design as well.

Upgrading to Automated Blinds

Upgrading to Automated Blinds in Chicago

Nice window treatments in Chicago can spruce up your living space in many ways. They can improve your interior design, save you money on your energy bills, and let you decide exactly how much sunlight comes in through your windows. You can make your window blinds even more effective by upgrading to automated blinds . This also makes your home safer, which is crucial if you have kids to take care of. Automation makes it easier than ever to control your blinds and keep your family safe, and they’ll add their own element to your home’s aesthetics. Keep reading if you’re thinking about upgrading to automated blinds.

If you forget to close the blinds in your bedroom when you go to sleep, you may wake up earlier than you want to, to a harsh stream of sunlight landing on your face. When you have automated blinds, you won’t even have to get up to close them. You can operate these blinds with a simple push of a button. In addition to making life more convenient, this also makes the home safer for children. Automated blinds have no use for cords, so there’s no threat of children getting tangled up in them.

What Size Window Blinds Do You Need?

What Size Window Blinds Do You Need>

What Size Window Blinds Do You Need?

Watch this video and find out what size window blinds you need.

It’s one thing to find residential blinds that would look great in your living room, but the blinds won’t help if they don’t fit your window frame. That’s why you need to become an expert in measuring window blinds in Chicago.

You need to take a few measurements to figure out what size your window blinds should be, and it’s wise to take these measurements multiple times. For inside mounted blinds, measure from the inside of one frame to the inside of the opposite side, and repeat this at the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Then measure from the top of the frame to the bottom in three different places, as well as the depth of the frame. If you’re going with outside mounted blinds, measure the height and width you’re looking to cover with your window treatments.

Are Venetian Blinds right for Your Formal Living Room?

Are Venetian Blinds Right for Your Formal Living Room?

Venetian blinds are slatted blinds that can be easily raised, lowered, opened, and closed, allowing you to customize the amount of light you let into your space at any time. If you’re considering living room window treatments in Chicago and are wondering if Venetian styles can fit into a formal space, here is what you need to know.

Venetian blinds are extremely versatile, so they can work in a number of different settings. You can choose from a nearly endless array of colors and slate sizes, so it is easy to customize the blinds for your needs. For a formal living room, you could choose Venetian blinds that blend in unobtrusively with the rest of your décor, or you may opt to choose blinds in a bold accent color for contrast, without losing any of the formality of your design.

Consider choosing automated Venetian blinds to make them more functional for your space. These motorized blinds can be raised and lowered with a remote system, so you can adjust the light in the space according to your needs.

Tips for Choosing Conference Room Blinds

Tips For Choosing Conference Room Blinds

Tips for Choosing Conference Room Blinds

Blinds for your conference room are about more than décor. They should also make the space more comfortable and functional for all of your meetings. If you are in the market for commercial window blinds in Chicago for your conference room, keep these tips in mind as you consider your options.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Blinds can let in as little or as much light as you need, depending on the design, so consider what kind of lighting is right for the space. Some conference rooms suffer from excessive outdoor lighting, which creates glare on the screens of electronic devices and can interfere with presentations. Others are darker spaces that could benefit greatly from an influx of natural light to make the room feel more vibrant and productive. Check out your conference room at different times of the day to see how much light it gets before you make your decision.

Focus on Functionality

If you foresee the need to open and close your blinds at different points during meetings, then choosing motorized blinds is a must. With these automated blind systems, you can easily control the blinds using a remote device, so you don’t have to interrupt the flow of the meeting to adjust the window treatments. This functionality lets you draw the blinds to darken the room for video presentations but reopen them to re-energize the space. You can also partially adjust the blinds easily at different points in meetings if glare is created as the sun moves.

Look into Energy Efficiency

Blinds can have a significant impact on your energy usage. Because blinds create an additional barrier for exterior air to move through before it enters your office space, they help to keep cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. With less influence from exterior air, your company’s heating and cooling system will work more efficiently. If you want to decrease energy usage and save money, look into blinds that have high R-values, which indicate a high level of energy efficiency.