Highlighting Bottom-Up Specialty Shades from MechoSystems

One of the many useful updates to motorized and automated window treatments is the ability to open them from the top and the bottom. MechoSystems is a motorized and automated shades company that leads the way in this exceptional technology. Here is a closer look at MechoSystems’ bottom-up automatic shades in Chicago:

With window shades, such as roller shades and Roman shades, homeowners and office owners already have some of the best window treatments on the market. Window shades are easy to operate, and they come in a variety of materials that are attractive to every décor. With motorized and automated window treatments that can be modified from the top and bottom, these same areas will have the maximum amount of control. Bottom-up window treatments can be raised up from the bottom, but they can also be lowered from the top to allow greater amounts of light in without glare from the sun. With automated and motorized technology, homeowners and office owners can direct sunlight into a space throughout the day with the touch of a button. Consult with a MechoSystems dealer for more information about bottom-up specialty shades.

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