Enjoy Precise Control with the Sivoia QS Wireless Shading System

Installing new window treatments in an existing home can require some creative problem solving and careful retrofitting. If you want to automate window treatments near Chicago, but your home is not already set up for automated window treatments, you may want to explore the Sivoia QS Wireless Shading System . The Sivoia system can be connected to automated blinds, window shades, and various other motorized window treatments around your property. There are many benefits to choosing this system for your automated window shades installation.

One of the top benefits of the QS Wireless Shading System from Sivoia is that this system completely eliminates the need for obstructive wiring. Rather than having to connect wires from room to room throughout your house, the Sivoia unit connects to each window through wireless technology. Once you have hooked up your Sivoia system to the central control center, you will be able to adjust multiple window treatments at the same time.

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