Spotlight on WhisperShade IQ2 by MechoSystems

When you are shopping for automated window treatments for your large commercial space, you will want to make sure that your window treatments are easy to program and operate. With the WhisperShade IQ2 by MechoSystems , you will be able to create an innovative shading solution for your entire commercial space. A contractor that sells automated window treatments near Chicago will be able to provide you with answers to your questions about the benefits of the WhisperShade IQ2 system.

The WhisperShade IQ2 line of automated shades is equipped with the latest connectivity technology. Using the MechoSystems built-in network, you can program your automated blinds to operate in sync with every other unit in the system. MechoSystems has also developed their WhisperShade IQ2 automated window treatments with over one hundred alignment points, so you can achieve precise control over your shades. A motorized blinds company will be happy to help you create a WhisperShade IQ2 system that is tailored to the unique demands of your commercial business.

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