The Energy Saving Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

Many homeowners consider installing motorized window coverings because they wish to enhance the look of their interiors or add convenience to their lives. However, there is another reason to upgrade your home in this way. If you’re planning to replace your current shades or blinds in Chicago, then you could benefit from learning about the energy saving advantages offered by automated window treatments.

Even if your windows are well insulated, the sunlight that hits them during the day can warm your home and lead to increased cooling costs in the summer. Come winter, heat that’s lost through your windows can result in higher heating costs. Automated window treatments can help with both these issues. In summer, these shades can be programmed to adjust in response to the sun’s movement and lower your home’s solar heat gain. In winter, you can have your motorized shades open when the sun is up to help heat your home, and then close as the sun sets to better insulate your windows. In these ways, automated window coverings can offer you energy saving benefits.

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