• venetian blinds for the bedroom

    Are Venetian Blinds right for Your Formal Living Room?

    Are Venetian Blinds Right for Your Formal Living Room? Venetian blinds are slatted blinds that can be easily raised, lowered, opened, and closed, allowing you to customize the amount of light you let into your space at any time. If you’re considering living room window treatments in Chicago and are wondering if Venetian styles can […]

  • window coverings for conference rooms

    Tips for Choosing Conference Room Blinds

    Tips For Choosing Conference Room Blinds Blinds for your conference room are about more than décor. They should also make the space more comfortable and functional for all of your meetings. If you are in the market for commercial window blinds in Chicago for your conference room, keep these tips in mind as you consider […]

  • Choosing Energy Efficient Window Shades

    How Shades Can Affect Your Energy Usage

    Learn How Shades Can Affect Your Energy Usage Media Summary You might be surprised to learn that your windows are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home. Fortunately, by choosing the right motorized blinds and shades in Chicago for your house, you can reduce energy loss while cutting your utility bills. […]

  • Improve sleep hygiene with Blackout Shades

    Could Blackout Shades Improve Your Sleep Hygiene?

    Could Blackout Shades Improve Your Sleep Hygiene? Quality sleep is the foundation of good health. Prolonged sleep loss can lead to everything from weight gain and heart disease to depression and fatigue-related auto accidents, but getting enough sleep is sometimes easier said than done. Your ability to maintain a stable sleep-wake cycle is referred to […]