• Tips for Improving the Atmosphere of Your Conference Room

    Tips for Improving The Atmosphere of Your Conference Room   If you want to have productive meetings, you need to have a productive meeting space. For many businesses, that means taking a closer look at the conference room. Poor conference room design, from uncomfortable seating to ineffective lighting control, will make your meetings longer and […]

  • Motorized blinds and shading systems by MechoSystems

    A Look at Shade Innovations from MechoSystems

    A Look at Shade Innovations from MechoSystems   MechoSystems is an innovator in motorized blinds and shading systems. In this video, get a peak at some of the cutting-edge ideas that MechoSystems is introducing that you can consider when you need window treatments in Chicago for your residential or commercial property. One advanced idea MechoSystems […]

  • Natural sunlight

    The Healing Touch of Natural Sunlight

    Valid concerns about sun exposure and skin cancer lead some people to go to great lengths to protect their skin from UV rays. Sometimes, this can even include keeping their home’s blinds in Chicago closed during the day. While it can promote your health to shield your skin from excessive sun exposure, the link between sunlight and […]

  • Take a look at Architectural Window Treatments showroom

    Take a Tour of Our Showroom

      Architectural Window Treatments is your one-stop location for automated and motorized window treatments in Chicago. We carry a wide selection of residential and commercial blinds that are all available in automated and motorized options. Here is a better look at the various motorized and automated window treatments you can find in our Chicago showroom […]

  • drapery

    Should You Automate Your Drapery?

    Today’s business owners have many factors to consider when they are shopping for window treatments. When you are choosing new curtains or drapes for your office space , you will need to carefully consider whether you want to invest in automated window treatments. In fact, choosing to automate window treatments near Chicago can provide many benefits […]

  • Lutron automated shading innovations

    A Look at Lutron Automated Shading Innovations

    A Look at Lutron Automated Shading Innovations   When you are seeking top quality automated window treatments near Chicago, look no further than the automated shading innovations from Lutron. When you watch this video from Lutron Electronics, you will learn all about their line of automated blinds and shades. Lutron’s automated shading innovations feature quiet […]

  • How To Make Windows More Energy Efficient

    How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with New Window Treatments

    When you are getting your home ready for the upcoming summer season, you may want to take the time to update your window treatments near Chicago . During the peak of summer, automated window treatments, such as shades or shutters, can protect your home’s interior from the sweltering sun. A company that offers automated window […]

  • Automated and motorized roller shades

    Areas of the Home That Can Benefit from Automated Roller Shades

    Areas of the Home That Can Benefit from Automated Roller Shades   When contemplating where to install motorized and automated window treatments, homeowners have many options. Roller shades are attractive and versatile window treatments that are installed flush with the window and framing wall. They are perfect additions to kitchens and bathrooms, because they will […]

  • Architectural Window Treatments

    Our Commitment to Your Complete Satisfaction

    By choosing Architectural Window Treatments to install your automated and motorized shades in Chicago, you will receive more than just a motorized shades installer. We deliver the whole package to our customers, because our customers are so good to us in return. Here is a quick look at Architectural Window Treatments’ commitment to deliver superb […]

  • vertical blinds or horizontal blinds

    Choosing Between Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

    When designing a home’s interior décor, many homeowners must choose between installing horizontal or vertical blinds in Chicago. There are different choices and benefits that come with both options, such as greater sun control with horizontal blinds. However, some commercial applications prefer vertical blinds for their window treatments. Let’s take a look at the best options […]