• Reasons to Choose Hunter Douglas for Your Home’s Window Treatments

    To be effective, window treatments have to bridge the gap between form and function. They have to provide the control you need over your lighting, and at the same time, they have to complement your home décor. When you choose Hunter Douglas automated window treatments in Chicago , you get just that. The motorized shade […]

  • Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Living Room

    How to Choose Blinds for Your Living Room

      Beautiful Blinds from Architectural Window Treatments When it comes to window treatments for living rooms, you have many options for your Chicago home. Architectural Window Treatments is here to make sure you get the perfect blinds for your living room. We offer many styles, including Venetian blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, […]

  • Natural sunlight

    The Healing Touch of Natural Sunlight

    Valid concerns about sun exposure and skin cancer lead some people to go to great lengths to protect their skin from UV rays. Sometimes, this can even include keeping their home’s blinds in Chicago closed during the day. While it can promote your health to shield your skin from excessive sun exposure, the link between sunlight and […]

  • Choosing Between Real and Faux Wood

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Real and Faux Wood

    Window blinds are one of the most popular window treatments for homeowners, because they come in several color and material options. The most popular materials used for blinds in Chicago are real wood and faux wood. There are many factors homeowners must consider when choosing between real and faux wood window blinds , such as […]

  • How To Make Windows More Energy Efficient

    How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with New Window Treatments

    When you are getting your home ready for the upcoming summer season, you may want to take the time to update your window treatments near Chicago . During the peak of summer, automated window treatments, such as shades or shutters, can protect your home’s interior from the sweltering sun. A company that offers automated window […]

  • Automated and motorized roller shades

    Areas of the Home That Can Benefit from Automated Roller Shades

    Areas of the Home That Can Benefit from Automated Roller Shades   When contemplating where to install motorized and automated window treatments, homeowners have many options. Roller shades are attractive and versatile window treatments that are installed flush with the window and framing wall. They are perfect additions to kitchens and bathrooms, because they will […]

  • Automatic shades to improve employee productivity

    The Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Motorized Shades

    Automatic shades near Chicago may be the perfect addition to your store or office because they are easily programmable to respond to your employees’ habits and the movement of the sun. If you have been toying with the idea of installing motorized and automated window treatments at your commercial building , then read more for […]

  • Installing new motorized blinds in Chicago

    Cutting Costs at the Office? Invest in New Window Treatments

    Automated window treatments are a luxurious feature that can be incorporated into any office design. When you are seeking an effective way to protect your office spaces from the sun, while also boosting the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system, you may want to consider installing new motorized blinds in Chicago . A motorized […]

  • Lutron automated and motorized blinds

    How Lutron Shading Systems Can Benefit Your Home

    If you are looking for new window treatments in Chicago, then look to Lutron’s automated and motorized blinds . By choosing one of Lutron’s various shading solutions, you and your home will notice many benefits. Lower energy costs, greater privacy, and longer-lasting interior furnishings are just a few ways that Lutron automated and motorized blinds […]

  • MechoSystems motorized blinds

    Update Your Space with MechoSystems Motorized Shades

    If you are shopping for the most technologically advanced automated window treatments on the market, you may want to explore the lineup of motorized shades that MechoSystems has to offer your business. MechoSystems specializes in motorized blinds and shades that are equipped with state-of-the-art connectivity technology. With assistance from a company that offers automated window […]