• mechoshade solartrac

    Introducing SolarTrac by MechoSystems

    MechoSystems has created exceptional window treatment technology that can help your business save money on lighting and cooling costs. SolarTrac uses sensors placed outside of your building that communicate the sun’s movements to your motorized and automated window treatments. This amazing technology operates in real time and will open and close your automated and motorized […]

  • Honeycomb Roller Shades by QMotion

    Spotlight on Automated Honeycomb Roller Shades by QMotion

    When you are shopping for new window treatments near Chicago, you may want to check out the terrific lineup of automated window treatments that QMotion has to offer you. In this video, you will tour the features of Honeycomb Roller Shades by QMotion . These sleek and stylish automated window treatments will enhance the style […]

  • roller shades

    Roller Shades: The Aesthetic Choice

    Whether you are building a brand new home, or are planning an update for your current indoor space, you may want to consider purchasing roller shades. Roller shades are a smart and aesthetically pleasing addition to any indoor space. There are many great reasons to consider installing new shades in Chicago. A team of technicians […]

  • automated roller shades

    Where to Use Automated Roller Shades

    Before you purchase your motorized and automated window shades in Chicago , you need to determine where each window treatment will go in your home. From small windows to large, you will not go wrong when you place your motorized and automated window treatments. Hard-to-Reach Windows Motorized and automated window treatments are the perfect solution […]

  • Automated window treatments for your office spaces

    What Automated Shades Bring to Your Business

      Whether you are creating a brand new office environment for your employees or you are seeking a great way to transform your existing work space, you may want to consider installing automated window treatments. With a new set of automated shades, you can add drama and appeal to a conference room or meeting area. […]

  • Motorized blinds for your windows

    Why Choose Roller Shades for Your Home?

    Automated window treatments can completely revolutionize the way you cover your windows. From automatic window shades to motorized blinds and more, you can select from a variety of window treatments that can be connected to a smart home system or operated with the push of a button. An automatic shade company in Chicago offering window […]

  • Roller Shades

    What Are Roller Shades?

    ​Sometimes traditional blinds can be problematic in that their slats are bendable. If you have children who like to touch everything th ey can get their hands on, these slats can lose their shape relatively quickly. Fortunately, roller shades eliminate this problem and allow you to enjoy your motorized window treatments for years to come. […]

  • Exploring the Benefits of Lutron Serena Shades

    Serena remote-controlled shades are a beautiful and affordable way to control daylight in your home or business. In addition to their intuitive and easy-to-use control, Serena Shades are made with superior insulating fabric to help you cut down your energy bills. Watch this video to learn more about Serena Shades by Lutron Shading Systems and […]

  • Energy benefits of automated blinds and shades

    A Look at the Energy Benefits of Automated Blinds and Shades

    Automated and motorized window treatments in Chicago can certainly bring your home or business into the 21 st century, but they can also help you reduce your totally energy costs. Why automated window treatments when manual blinds and shades will do? Because all it takes to operate motorized blinds and shades is the touch of […]

  • lutron shading systems

    Spotlight on Lutron Shading Systems

    Spotlight on Lutron Shading Systems   Lutron Shading Systems combine beautiful fabrics and materials with industry-leading technology to give you precision control of daylight while adding to the aesthetic charm and appeal of your home or business. These automated and motorized shades are designed to look good, work hard, and give you easy and intuitive […]