• Blackout Shades and Other Ways to Beat Insomnia [VIDEO]

    Blackout Shades and Other Ways to Beat Insomnia Automated window treatments are convenient and versatile, and there are countless options to choose from. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, blackout shades near Chicago might be the solution to your problem. Watch this video to learn about blackout shades and other ways to beat insomnia. Insomnia […]

  • white plantation shutters

    FAQs About Plantation Shutters

    FAQs About Plantation Shutters Window blinds, shutters, and shades in Chicago all bring advantages to your space. Before you decide, ask yourself a few important questions to make sure you’ve got your eye on the right choice. Plantation shutters might be right for you, but find out the answers to these questions before locking them […]

  • automated window blinds

    Upgrading to Automated Blinds

    Upgrading to Automated Blinds in Chicago Nice window treatments in Chicago can spruce up your living space in many ways. They can improve your interior design, save you money on your energy bills, and let you decide exactly how much sunlight comes in through your windows. You can make your window blinds even more effective […]

  • What Size Window Blinds Do You Need? [VIDEO]

    What Size Window Blinds Do You Need? Watch this video and find out what size window blinds you need. It’s one thing to find residential blinds that would look great in your living room, but the blinds won’t help if they don’t fit your window frame. That’s why you need to become an expert in […]

  • window coverings for conference rooms

    Tips for Choosing Conference Room Blinds

    Tips For Choosing Conference Room Blinds Blinds for your conference room are about more than décor. They should also make the space more comfortable and functional for all of your meetings. If you are in the market for commercial window blinds in Chicago for your conference room, keep these tips in mind as you consider […]

  • Choosing Energy Efficient Window Shades

    How Shades Can Affect Your Energy Usage

    Learn How Shades Can Affect Your Energy Usage Media Summary You might be surprised to learn that your windows are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home. Fortunately, by choosing the right motorized blinds and shades in Chicago for your house, you can reduce energy loss while cutting your utility bills. […]

  • Improve sleep hygiene with Blackout Shades

    Could Blackout Shades Improve Your Sleep Hygiene?

    Could Blackout Shades Improve Your Sleep Hygiene? Quality sleep is the foundation of good health. Prolonged sleep loss can lead to everything from weight gain and heart disease to depression and fatigue-related auto accidents, but getting enough sleep is sometimes easier said than done. Your ability to maintain a stable sleep-wake cycle is referred to […]

  • Pico remote for Serena shades

    Programming Your Pico Remote for Serena Shades

    When you purchase automated window treatments from Serena Shades, you will be able to control your shades using the Pico remote. This video demonstrates how to program your Pico remote after you have installed new automatic shades serving Chicago. To program your Pico remote, tap the programming button on your new shade. Once the programming […]

  • Ways to Enhance Your Office’s Work Environment

    The design and layout of your office can have a significant impact on the productivity of your workforce. If your office is dark, dimly lit, and lacking in creative details, you may find that your employees lack enthusiasm or inspiration throughout the workday. A company that installs motorized blinds in Chicago can help you choose […]

  • Exploring the Advantages of Automated Roller Shades

    Automated window treatments are becoming increasingly popular for today’s homes. Rather than struggling with the cords or pulleys that control conventional window treatments, you can add comfort and convenience to your home by installing motorized shades . A company that offers motorized blinds in Chicago will be able to tell you more about how your […]