• colorful residential blinds

    Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds

    Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds You have quite a few responsibilities to tend to as a rental property manager, and one of them is making the house or apartment worth renting. An attractive living space will encourage people to apply to become tenants, while a dilapidated space will just turn people […]

  • white window shutters

    The Eco Benefits of Window Shutters

    The Eco Benefits of Window Shutters You can save a great deal of energy and money by adopting an eco-friendly home or business design, which might include choosing an automated option when shopping for window treatments in Chicago. Vertical blinds and Roman shades might look nice, but window shutters can make your space more practical […]

  • white plantation shutters

    FAQs About Plantation Shutters

    FAQs About Plantation Shutters Window blinds, shutters, and shades in Chicago all bring advantages to your space. Before you decide, ask yourself a few important questions to make sure you’ve got your eye on the right choice. Plantation shutters might be right for you, but find out the answers to these questions before locking them […]

  • venetian blinds for the bedroom

    Are Venetian Blinds right for Your Formal Living Room?

    Are Venetian Blinds Right for Your Formal Living Room? Venetian blinds are slatted blinds that can be easily raised, lowered, opened, and closed, allowing you to customize the amount of light you let into your space at any time. If you’re considering living room window treatments in Chicago and are wondering if Venetian styles can […]

  • Reasons to Choose Hunter Douglas for Your Home’s Window Treatments

    To be effective, window treatments have to bridge the gap between form and function. They have to provide the control you need over your lighting, and at the same time, they have to complement your home décor. When you choose Hunter Douglas automated window treatments in Chicago , you get just that. The motorized shade […]

  • Choosing Between Real and Faux Wood

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Real and Faux Wood

    Window blinds are one of the most popular window treatments for homeowners, because they come in several color and material options. The most popular materials used for blinds in Chicago are real wood and faux wood. There are many factors homeowners must consider when choosing between real and faux wood window blinds , such as […]

  • PowerView Motorization line from Hunter Douglas

    PowerView Motorization by Hunter Douglas

    When you are shopping for automated window treatments near Chicago , you may want to check out the newest PowerView Motorization line from Hunter Douglas. In this video, you will take a peek at some of the amazing features that the PowerView motorized blinds from Hunter Douglas have to offer you. When you connect your […]

  • QMotion Advanced Shading Systems Home

    The Automated Roller Shade Collection from QMotion

    When you are shopping for motorized blinds or shades that will provide your home with the ultimate level of convenience, you will want to check out the amazing window shades that are available from QMotion. With their exceptional beauty and simple controls, QMotion automated roller shades are a great addition to any household. A company […]

  • Motorized blinds for your windows

    Why Choose Roller Shades for Your Home?

    Automated window treatments can completely revolutionize the way you cover your windows. From automatic window shades to motorized blinds and more, you can select from a variety of window treatments that can be connected to a smart home system or operated with the push of a button. An automatic shade company in Chicago offering window […]

  • Installing blinds in your office

    Decorating Windows with Blinds

    Motorized blinds are among the most popular window treatments for homeowners today. When you are shopping for new window blinds, you will have many factors to consider. For example, you will want to determine whether you would like your new blinds to filter natural light, or provide you with total light blockage. Additionally, you will […]