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Add Allure to Your Chicago Business with Automated Shading Systems

Chicago Automated Roller Shades

Appearances account for a lot in the business world. Though providing excellent products or services is paramount, you need a sense of style and sophistication to attract clients and business partners. One simple way to give your business an air of sophistication is to install a commercial window shading system. The benefits of commercial shades go well beyond the aesthetic, of course; to find out what a commercial shading system can add to your business, contact the experts at Architectural Window Treatments. Our automated shades company has been providing Chicago businesses with technologically advanced window treatments since 1999.

Giving Presentations

Though natural light is great for improving morale and enhancing interior beauty, there are times when it can be a nuisance. By installing automated window treatments in your conference rooms, you can make it easy to create a dark setting that’s ideal for projecting Power Point presentations. Once your presentation is over, simply push a button to refill your conference room with sunlight.

Impressing Clients

Whether you like it or not, your clients and potential business partners will judge your business based on small details that they observe consciously and subconsciously. Automated window treatments can be one of the positive details that your clients notice, helping boost your image. Imagine opening your automated window treatment to reveal a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline.

Improving Productivity

Many workers have trouble working under fluorescent lighting. Adding automated window treatments to your windows can encourage your workers to work while bathed in natural light. Proper lighting has been shown to improve productivity and efficiency. Also, the presence of technologically advanced blinds can subtly improve your employees’ perception of your company.

Reducing Energy Costs

Good business window treatments can help cut down on your energy costs, helping increase your bottom line. High-quality drapes, blinds, and shades are great for locking in heat during the cold months and blocking the sun during the warm months. If your window treatments are automated, you might be more inclined to open and close them more often, allowing them to fulfill their energy-saving potential.

Enhancing Interior Style

Lastly, an elegant set of motorized shades can help complete the aesthetic your business is trying to achieve. The treatments themselves can add beauty and sophistication to your windows, and the degree of control is great for spilling precisely the right amount of light into your interiors.

The professionals at Architectural Window Treatments know all about the importance of good window treatments for Chicago businesses. To speak with a representative and learn more about our high-quality window treatments, don’t hesitate to call (312) 981-4352.

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