Automated Shading Systems for Your Chicago Property

Chicago Automated Roller Shades

Convenient, stylish, efficient—just a few words that describe automated shading systems. At Architectural Window treatments, we’ve been providing our customers with technologically advanced window treatments since 1999, and we’re proud to say that we stay current as technology advances. Keep reading to learn how you can vastly improve your business or home with a simple change.

Impress clients, improve productivity, and add style

It’s no secret that fluorescent lights hamper productivity and creativity in offices, but having an office full of huge windows has drawbacks too. Heating and cooling a building with so many windows can cost thousands of dollars a year, and when the sun is beaming straight into your eyes or rendering your computer screen unreadable, you may find yourself wishing for that fluorescent lighting again. However, you can have the best of both worlds by installing an automated shading system.

Automated shading systems can not only be easily raised and lowered with the click of a button but also programmed to do so throughout the day—meaning you won’t have to keep remembering to move your chair a foot to the left before 3:00 p.m. just so the sun isn’t in your eyes. But even as these curtains block harmful UV rays, they can still let in a significant amount of light to keep your office perfectly illuminated.

Our automated shading systems also provide great insulation. Enjoy the sunshine and easily maintain an ideal temperature, just by lowering the blinds. If you’d like, you can even install blackout blinds, which are perfect for meeting rooms. Being able to lower the blinds as you start a presentation can help you look professional in front of clients and employees alike.

Enhance safety, stay stylish, and conserve energy

Although your home may not be surrounded in wall-length windows like many offices, you can still have many of the same advantages that come with installing automated shading systems. Program your curtains to go up and down at specific points in the day to avoid sun glaring in your eyes, overheated rooms, and curtain-cord mishaps. An automated system provides excellent quality curtains or blinds that can even save you money on your HVAC bills.

Worried about how your shades will look? Don’t bother! We offer a variety of styles, colors, and transparencies so you can keep your home’s specific style, both inside and out. Some of our automated shading systems, such as those with a more standard blinds appearance, can even be purchased in different colors or paint textures. Get ones with sleek black paint or have us install the ones that look like they were cut from birch trees. The choice is totally up to you.

As far as safety goes, the automatic programming of these blinds means that you can make it appear that you’re home—even when you’re states away—to deter burglars. Also, the cordless design makes it much safer than traditional blinds for infants’ and children’s rooms. Contact us for more details.


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