Stylish Commercial Drapery in Chicago, IL

Automated window treatments provide a kind of classy air that can set you above the competition. However, applying this to drapes, however, you can combine sophistication, function, and convenience. Since they’re available in many different colors and designs, our commercial drapes add a luxurious touch to any boardroom, executive office, hotel room, auditorium, or other high-profile space.

Chicago Contract Drapery

Make your office work for you

Automated commercial drapery is a classy, smart addition to any office. It not only acts as a fashionable part of your decor but also allows you to easily darken a room via a remote or a programmed timer. Don’t waste any more of your time pulling down the blinds or closing all the curtains before your next presentation. Instead, set that into motion with the click of a button and use those extra minutes to do what you do best. The greatest part? These window treatments are quiet, meaning no awkward interruptions when you open or close them.

Function meets fashion

Draperies can be used to block harmful UV rays from fading your books, carpet, and supplies, while also being a fantastic piece of decor. At Architectural Window Treatments, we work closely with you to ensure you get the aesthetic you want for your office.

Don’t want to deal with stack-back fabric when your drapes are drawn? We also offer vertical blinds that can eliminate this issue by pulling fabric up and completely out of the way. Our automated drapery tracks can operate with pinch-pleat or ripple-fold draperies to better adapt to your personal style.

Avoid unfortunate malfunctions

Regular drapery is beautiful, but it can come with many drawbacks. If your windows are too tall, it can be almost impossible to fully move the curtains away from your window. Heavy fabric can also make them difficult to move—unless you want to risk ripping the curtain rod off the wall. With an automated shading system, you can avoid all of that. Point, click, relax—it’s that simple!

A solution to fit your office’s needs

Many office buildings in Chicago look similar from the outside. It’s not until a client enters your corporate space that they get a full sense of your style and professionalism. Some offices have expressed their brand through unique architecture, such as rounded corner walls, which makes installing blinds impossible and drapery difficult. Luckily, for your business’ motorized drapery system we’re able to adapt it seamlessly to fit your space with 90-degree curve capability, multi-bend tracks, and variable track splicing solutions.

The professional installation you can trust

When our technician arrives to install your commercial drapery, you’ll see why Chicago consistently turns to Architectural Window Treatments for their blinds and drapery needs. Our team is experienced and professionally trained in window treatment systems, which means we can offer top-notch service for the best price.

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