Our Showroom in Chicago, IL

 See Automated Window Treatments in Action & Compare Options

For anyone on the hunt for new window treatments near Chicago, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Architectural Window Treatments. Our showroom is your resource to see automated window treatments in action. We can also demonstrate the available choices you have for controlling your shades, as well as curtain and drapery fabrics, and so much more to aid you in your selection.

From honeycomb, Roman, and pleated shades to Venetian and horizontal blinds, we have it all in our vast showroom. Get direct access to window treatment experts who can answer your questions about various options, while helping you compare the costs and benefits of each. You can also get inspired by the unlimited design possibilities by viewing our products in-person or by browsing our design gallery.

Tips for Finding the Ideal Window Treatments for Your Space

Not sure where to start in our showroom? Our team has worked with many customers over the past 20 years. Here are a few tips for finding the ideal window treatments for your home or business:

  • Fabric Thickness Matters – How much natural light do you want to seep in through your window coverings? The thickness of your fabric dictates the amount of light entering your space. We’d be happy to show you various transparencies of fabric to help you make a fabric selection.
  • Privacy Concerns – If your bedroom is located on the first floor of your home, you’ll want to install an option that allows more privacy. Floor-to-ceiling drapery options make a popular choice, and these may be installed on either your wall or the ceiling. Roller shades also allow you additional privacy and are easy to install. If you have insomnia, blackout shades or an automated window treatment may be your best bet.
  • Energy-Efficient Options – Automated window treatments often make the ideal solution for home or business owners looking to cut energy costs. They help reduce the transfer of heat into and out of the space, making them popular with property managers looking to make energy-efficiency improvements in their rental properties.
  • Colorful Considerations – Whether you’re choosing curtains or blinds, colors are a component requiring careful consideration. Selecting lighter colors can help create the illusion of a bigger, more open space, although they’re more likely to show dirt and wear-and-tear. Choosing a neutral blind color, such as a beige or gray, may give you the benefit of both worlds and will likely complement more color schemes should you make any other changes in the future.

Arrange a One-on-One Consultation at Your Home or Office

While you’re welcome to visit our showroom in Chicago at any time, we’d also be happy to consult with you at your home or office. This is often an essential step in providing a solution that works for your specific window treatment needs. Visiting your space allows us to measure your windows for the best fit, as well as examine other décor elements to see which window treatment would best complement them. Your free in-home design consultation is one of the many ways we seek to elevate your customer experience to ensure your satisfaction. If you’re interested in a one-on-one consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via phone or email to set it up with our talented team!

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