Custom Residential Drapery Solutions in Chicago, IL

Custom Drapery Installations for Chicago Homes

Bring an added sense of elegance and luxury to your Chicago, IL home with custom drapery installations from Architectural Window Treatments. Our experts can help provide your home with custom-drapery that will bring elements of flair that can match your room’s motif or make a statement. Our design teams can help pick out and install new drapes for any room in your house with a wide variety of colors, fabrics, designs, and more. While you’re entertaining your guests in your home, bring the room together with luxurious draperies. Contact us today to set an appointment with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We love helping homeowners make the most out of their rooms with our window treatments, drapes, and more.

Functional, Energy-Efficient Draperies

Installing draperies in your home isn’t just about looking great. As you know, Chicago is known for its harsh winters and brutal summers. Our residential draperies help insulate and protect your home from losing air. In the summer, they will block out harmful UV rays and keep your house cool, blocking your cool, comfortable air from leaving. In the winter, they’ll act as a warm blanket to your rooms, preventing drafts from chilling your house. All of these installations help you lower your energy bills. Less air entering and escaping your home means you’re running your heater or air conditioner less, leading to lower energy bills.

Finally, our draperies will protect your furniture, carpets, walls, and other decorations from fading by blocking out harmful UV rays that otherwise discolor your interior. We work directly with you to find the right style of draperies you desire while also protecting your home’s assets. Vertical blinds can block out light while being minimally-intrusive and adding to the artistic value of your room.

Custom-Made for Perfect Size

When you buy blinds, drapes, and window treatments from others, they may not get your dimensions correct. Architectural Window Treatments make it our promise to measure your window dimensions perfectly correct, so you’ll have a fantastic custom-made treatment for your Chicago, IL home. We take the guesswork out of the process, so you can relax, knowing that you’re always getting the best for your home. We take everything into consideration, including what direction your windows are facing, what style they are, how they open, and how much light you want to let in or block out. Additionally, we listen to your input on how you want to operate your new draperies. Convenience is always key when it comes to your home. There are many different styles of blinds and treatments that we can apply to your Chicago home to let you enjoy style and function.

Professional Installation Teams

After we measure your windows and select the fabric, color, and materials for your new window treatments, we send the information off to be fabricated. Upon completion, we schedule a date that works around your time to have our team of installation experts set them up in your Chicago home. Our technicians have years of experience installing draperies of all sizes and materials, saving you the hassle and guaranteeing a beautiful result. While we’re in your home, we respect your space, quickly installing the new window treatments, giving you some information on care and maintenance, and getting on our way, leaving you to enjoy your new blinds, drapes, or other treatments. Contact Us or stop by our showroom today to begin designing new draperies for your Chicago, IL home.