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Chicago Roller ShadesAutomated roller shades offer a level of convenience, appeal, and efficiency that standard blinds have been lacking for years. Whether you choose shades, curtains, or blinds, you can operate them with just the click of a button, even programming times for them to open or close.

At Architectural Window Treatments, our experienced technicians offer high-quality installation of motorized shades and can provide you with top-quality service from start to finish. We’ll help you pick the roller shades that best suit your home’s look and the functionality you need, and once we install the system, we can help you learn how to operate and program it so you can utilize every aspect of this helpful, convenient technology!

Improving your home with motorized window shades

Installing roller shades in your home is a fantastic way to increase your home’s safety and comfort, while also saving on your energy bills.


Since you can program your roller shades to cover and uncover windows at specific times, you can use them to give the appearance that you’re at home—even if you’re half a world away. By creating the illusion that your home is occupied, you can reduce the risk of a break-in while on vacation.

Because these shades operate with just the touch of a button, you also don’t have to worry about using a ladder or chair to try to fix a tangled cord or try to get to one in a hard-to-reach area. You also never have to worry about a young child trying to play with the cord, offering you peace of mind. Just set your shades remotely and go about your day!


Roller shades make it easy to cover and uncover your windows throughout the day, and some can even be programmed to raise and lower at specific times. In the summer, you can keep your rooms cool even during the hottest parts of the day. When winter comes, your roller shades can keep your heat from escaping through your windows, while being sheer enough that you can still enjoy the view.


Since you’ll be able to easily maintain a consistent temperature in your home throughout the day, you can rest easy as your energy bill decreases. Even if you have your blinds programmed to raise and lower at scheduled times, the energy it takes to do so is minuscule compared to the energy required for your HVAC system to cool your entire home—and even then, your home can be unevenly cooled or heated from room to room.

Choose the best roller shades for your home

Residential roller shades come in a variety of fabrics and colors to fit your home’s aesthetic and meet your needs. Keep your home softly lit or black out the sun completely—it’s up to you. Many of our solar shades have options across the spectrum of transparency. They can even be transparent enough to still easily see the view outside while blocking harmful UV rays and maintaining your home’s insulation. Our residential roller shades also come in a range of colors and designs, meaning you never have to compromise your own unique style.


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