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Home automation continues to gain popularity because of its convenience, appeal, and energy efficiency. Today, you can quickly and easily operate any of your home’s window treatments remotely, whether you opt for motorized shades, curtains, or blinds. At Architectural Window Treatments, we are a proud provider of motorized shades in Chicago, as well as an experienced motorized shades installer to ensure you receive top-quality service from beginning to end when you make the choice to install new home window treatments.

Ideal Areas for Automated Window Treatments

Your window treatments serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, making curtains, shades, and blinds an important addition to your home decor. Regardless of the size or style of your home, integrating automated window shades will enhance its value and convenience every day.

Large windows need large blinds, which can be difficult or inconvenient to open and close manually. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for a series of smaller blinds, moving these window treatments via a string or lever for each is simply impractical. Motorized window treatments are a much more convenient solution, allowing you to easily cover or uncover large windows at the touch of a button.

Windows that aren’t easily accessible can also benefit greatly from automated window treatments. Whether it is unsafe to manually open and close shades on some windows or simply impossible to access them without a ladder, installing window shades that operate remotely is the perfect choice for these features.

Improving Your Home with Motorized Window Shades

Residential motorized shades have much to offer your family and your home. This simple upgrade can drastically affect your safety, your comfort, and even your monthly utility bills— please call Architectural Window Treatments at (312) 878-8086 to learn more about automated shades near Chicago.

Residential automated shades make it easier than ever before to cover or uncover your windows to accommodate changes in the weather or lighting. When this process is easier, you’ll be more likely to use your shades for indoor comfort, reducing strain on your HVAC system while maintaining a more consistent indoor temperature.

Motorized window treatments can improve home safety, even while you are away. You can program your shades to cover your windows at a specified time even if you are not home, giving the impression that your home is occupied and reducing the risks of a break-in.

Motorized blinds are a great investment in your future. If you plan to age at home, installing window treatments that respond to the touch of a button will make it easier for you to continue operating your window treatments, regardless of your health or physical ability.

Roller Shades in Chicago

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